Remember The Kids

Remember the kids. 

We were on the Trail yesterday and two guys riding side by side on their gravel grinders came up on us. My 10 year old said, ”hiya guys!” You see, he loves bikes and becomes super excited when he sees people on bikes. The guys just stared down at him and kept moving. I could see the frustration on his face. He had a little crinkle in his nose made rosey from the 45° Iowa afternoon. He spoke to himself quietly but determined, “gotta catchup to em”.. .He tried to pedal harder and faster, but couldn’t catch up. His 24” wheel set on his Trek Precaliber just paled in comparison to the aforementioned Gravel Grinders with their 700c tires and finely chiseled calves. 

  He made an annoyed  moan and pointed with an open hand at the indignation of them pulling away from us like we were sitting still. He said, “it’s just not fair, those jerks”.. 

I had to take a moment to put myself in his place.  This is a kid who loves bikes, and wants to share in the excitement of riding. He hits the trail and busts out into song and smiles. Seeing him like this was kind of pissing me of…I even thought to myself, what jerks. 


I told him to pull over off the trail. 

I just hugged him.

I told him, don’t worry about those guys, we don’t even know them. The only people out here that should matter right now are him and I.  This is our adventure! They’re an example for us to realize how we are not going to be.  I explained to him that this bicycle ride is a journey and an adventure and to focus on that and not the destination. 

I then explained to him what the #Supplelife is as explained by Russ on pathless pedaled. 

When he got back on his bike and started to pedal on. He had this renewed look of wonder and wander on his face with an almost super hero smile. 

  Remember the kids out there on the paths and trails or, the kids who are hollering and waving at you as you zoom by them on your city commute. They are watching you even when you don’t realize it. They are already your biggest fans. 

  So, while those Grinders may have pissed me off for the way they made my child feel. I also, want to thank them for letting me have a moment on the trail with my son.  

There are never any perfect  instances, but there are moments and it was an opportunity for him to realize what the ride is all about and let it soak in. As the sun started to set in our quiet trail, I was even more grateful bicycles today. 712A158D-282C-4595-BAF4-5CB4DAB098E3